How do I determine the system that applies to my boat?

Aftermarket Applications

We offer two systems for the aftermarket. Select the “Aftermarket Kits” menu button and follow the prompts. You will have to answer three questions one of which will be your system installation method. Answers to these questions will take you to your schematic drawing. The drawing will give you the part number you need to order. An Optional Equipment drawing is part of the PDF download.

OEM Applications

We have drawings for most of the applications. Go to the System Drawings-OEM button and follow the prompts. After you complete this function, a drawing will pop up which will correspond to the answers you have given to the questions. A bill of materials can be located in the upper left of each drawing. These parts must be ordered to ensure a proper installation. Please read the drawing as, in some instances, additional parts may be needed from your engine and/or GPS manufacturer.